Conversations at the Mending Edge

“If the group is an art form of the future, then convening groups is an artistry we must cultivate to fully harvest the promise of the future.” — Jacob Needleman

More therapy is not a solution to humanity’s crises. It perpetuates the illusion that we as individuals have a problem and do not cope. Putting the burden of insane societal structures back to the individual is our culture’s collective “gaslighting”, perpetuating the illusion that something is wrong with the person not coping. This of course swallows up their political potential. If caring for ourselves, each other and the planet is not part of our economic structures we must simply call this insane. If the most “successful” people are successful because they serve a destructive system, can we call them sane? If we try to stay or become healthy against the backdrop of a life-alienating societal and global structure which keeps us isolated in our bubble it can only create more suffering, as we can see happening everywhere around us.

“You would be surprised how seldom it occurs to people that their problems are not their fault. By focusing on fairness and justice, a patient may have a chance to find what has so frequently been lost: an ability to care for and stand up for herself. Guilt can be replaced with a clarifying anger, one that liberates a desire — and a demand — to thrive, to turn outward toward others rather than inward, one that draws her forward to make change.”

Richard Brouillette, a former community organizer and psychotherapist in New York.

(edit May 2021: I quesiton “the focus on fairness and justice” as described in the quote. Having an equal (fair and just) piece of the poisoned cake can’t be the aim. The practice of psychotherapy, however needs to be questioned as part of baking a bigger and bigger poisoned cake)



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